We recently posted a survey on the CCFLS website asking patrons to tell us a little about their e-book reading habits. We had just over 130 responses. We will be using the information to help us decide what books to purchase for the CCFLS eStacks. We’d like to share the responses with you. The discrepancies with vote counts comes from the ability to select more than one answer in some questions or patrons not answering every question.

Question 1: What kind of device do you use to read e-books?

With 114 votes, just under half of the respondents use a Kindle. Computer and iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users were tied. Other kinds of devices listed were Sony Readers and Android phones and tablets.

 Question 2:  What kind of Fiction books do you want to read?

Mystery/Detective was the strong winner in this question with 32% of the 217 votes. Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Young adult books were the next highest at 16-17%. Write-ins included Historical fiction, Classics, and Graphic novels.

 Question 3:  What kind of Non-fiction books do you want to read?

Biography/History and How-to/Arts & Crafts took the lead here with 19% and 18% respectively out of 284 votes. Beyond that, the choices were fairly evenly spread with True Crime and Nature slightly ahead. Write-ins included Essays, Green living/Urban farming, and Travel.

 Question 4:  Where should we spend most of our e-book budget?

With two choices and 121 votes cast, 54% said they would rather have current best-sellers which cost more and would therefore mean fewer books while 45% said they’d rather have older titles and more books.

 Question 5:  How much do you think we pay for e-books?

MPL Director John Brice deals with this question in his column if you want more information on e-book pricing. With 120 votes, 40% said they thought e-books cost less than print books, 46% said they cost the same, and only 13% correctly said e-books cost us more.

 Question 6:  Please let us know a bit about you:

The largest number of respondents were females between the ages of 35 and 64 (44%). Women in general won out here with about 70% of the 119 votes.


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