A new Seed Lending Library will be available this spring at Meadville Public Library. Seed libraries are not new, but have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. MPL was approached earlier this year by an Allegheny College student who planned a Seed Lending Library as her senior project.
We are very excited about getting this venture started. There will be packets of heirloom flower and vegetable seeds available to check out at the Main Desk.
How will it work? Library patrons will check out packets of seeds, take them home, plant them and at the end of the season, harvest the seeds. After seeds have been harvested and dried, we only ask that when this process is complete, you save some seeds for yourself and donate a portion back to the library to share with others for next season. By doing this, we will be able to keep the Seed Lending Library self-sustaining for years to come.
Meadville Public Library also has a large collection of gardening books both on the main floor and in the Children’s Department. Also available for checkout are a number of gardening magazines including Garden Gate, Organic Gardening, Fine Gardening and others. For a fun read, try the magazine Green Prints’ “The Weeder’s Digest,” which contains light stories and poems as well as some gardening information.
So come in, check out some seeds for growing, and borrow a few magazines and/or books to learn and enjoy. Happy gardening!

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